The purpose of the PADI TecReational Specialty Diver Course is to introduce to the Recreational Diver the Fundamental Skills and Mindset of the Technical Diver. This is a course that is NOT about Technical Gear but instead about the personal skills and attitudes that result from the precision and planning needed for Technical Diving.

The goals of The TecReational Diver Distinctive Specialty training are:

• Obtain an understanding of gear that is appropriate for the TecReational Dive – regulators, tanks, BCDs, fins, lights and exposure protection;

• Introduce Fundamental Technical diving skills that will enhance the safety and fun of the Recreational dive – such basic skills as mask clearing and S-drills done mid-water and while maintaining position and non-silting kicks such as the Frog Kick, Modified Flutter Kick, Helicopter Turn and Backwards Kick;

• Improve the Situational Awareness of the Divers and the creation of a Team Diving Attitude;

• Instill the basic concepts of Gas Management – Calculating Minimum Safe Gas Reserves for any dive; Strategies for using the available gas supply depending on the nature of the dive; and Calculating the gas needs for the dive as a standard part of the pre-dive planning.

• Review and expand on various Decompression Models which will allow the student to better understand inert gas loading and DCS