Comment of a former student:
I was certified in May and just returned home from my first dive trip to Kauai! I wanted to extend thank to you all! I had a blast and saw many sea turtles, dragon moray eels, and a white tip shark!! It was extraordinary and Iā€™m thankful to have been certified through you guys. My dive boat was also training a few others, and I have to say that our training was much more thorough and advanced in comparison! They were so surprised that I knew how to put my gear together, being a newbie!! LOL
Again thanks for everything,


So you want to learn to dive?

North Alabama's only 5-Star SCUBA training facility.

North Alabama's only 5-Star SCUBA training facility.

Here's how it works.

Sign up at least a week before class starts. There is home study to do and signing up early will give you plenty of time to do it. Go to our course schedule to find the next start date.

You will read the book and watch the videos before you show up for class.

Class normally takes 2 weekends.

Weekend One: Saturday in the classroom and Sunday in the pool. Plan on 9 am till 5 pm both days.

Weekend Two: Four "Open Water" dives. Two dives on Saturday and two more dives on Sunday. Location of the dives are seasonally dependent. See below for details.

May thru October we dive at Bluewater Park in Birmingham.

March, April, November, and December we dive at Vortex Spring in the Florida Panhandle. 

January and February our open water dives include 3 dives at Vortex Spring and a 4th dive in the Rainbow River near Dunnellon Florida. If you wish to complete your certification during January or February you will be required to complete your last dive in the Rainbow River. (Dunnellon Florida is an additional 4 1/2 hours south of Vortex Spring and 600 miles from Huntsville. Driving from Dunnellon to Huntsville will take approximately 10 hours.)

Plan on being out of town the second weekend of your class.

Equipment - we provide everything except the items of personal equipment listed below.

There are several items of personal equipment that each student must provide. Those include mask, snorkel, fins, booties, and a weight belt with SOFT weights. (NO hard weights allowed in the pool.) Please allow us to help you pick the correct items for your class when you register. We offer a "Personal Fit Guarantee", even after you try your equipment in the water we are happy to exchange if something does not fit properly. The only way to be certain is to try it in the water.

2019/2020 Beginner Class schedule

Class brochure

Call 256-536-8404 for class pricing.

Are you ready to pick a date for you class? If so, please take a little advice from SDI. If you are learning to dive for an upcoming trip, don't put off your class until the last minute. Take your class at least 2 or 3 months prior to travel. By doing so you will have time to complete your training without schedule issues. Your class could be delayed for many reasons. Illness, pools closed due to repair, hurricanes, automobile breakdowns on the way to Open Water training, etc. By starting early you will have time to reschedule if necessary. If you wait until the last minute and we are forced to change our schedule due to circumstances beyond our control, that's on you.

NOTICE: April thru October are our busiest months and classes during this time fill up. Sign up early to be guaranteed a spot in the class you want!

That's it!

Home study, one day class, one day pool, two days Open Water dives, you are certified!

Then you go do this!

Southeastern Divers, Inc. teaches SCUBA at both The University North Alabama in Florence Alabama and Oakwood University in Huntsville Alabama.