SDI has factory trained service technicians who are capable of working on anything SDI sells.

  • Air fill $6.50

  • Nitrox fill $12.50

  • Cylinder inspection (VIP) $25.00 (annually)

  • Cylinder hydro-static test $50.00 (every 5 years)

    • SDI no longer provides fills, inspections or hydro-static testing for aluminum 3AL DOT cylinders manufactured prior to 1991.

  • Regulator service $25.00 per stage*

  • BCD service $25.00**

  • Oxygen clean cylinder $50.00

  • Computer battery change $10.00*** (does not include cost of battery)

* $20.00 per stage for regulator purchased from SDI.

** $20.00 for BCD purchased from SDI

*** Free for computers purchased from SDI (does not include cost of battery)

Anything SDI sells can be serviced in-house. Normal turn around is usually less than one week. Please let us know if you need it faster.

All service work is guaranteed for 60 days. If any service from us does not meet your expectations we will readjust or service the item again at no charge within 60 days of the date of service.

Other brands are sent out for service. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for items sent out for service.